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Community Groups

We encourage you to have consistent fellowship during the week. During the winter months, October through May, Community Groups meet on weeknights. It will be easy to find a group depending on your location or content interests.


There are many opportunities to pray at SBC. There are groups for Men, for Women, for families, to pray on specific topics, and at specific locations. We encourage you to connect and pray together.


Growing in knowledge and maturity are important. There are ongoing, changing opportunies to go deeper in the Word and the World. We keep our calendar updated with what's currently available, and upcoming.

Serving Shelter

SBC is a team of modern-day tentmakers. We accomplish MORE together. Join us in supporting a rich Body Life at SBC, from cleaning the facility to over-seas-missions.

Serving Fairbanks

At SBC we want to be active in the community, bringing hope in Christ to those who do not know Him. Whether you would like to work with chilren, or adults, or simply in a support capacity, there are opportunites for you!


SBC has a rich history of supporting, sending, and being over-seas (or out-of-town) missionaries. Many hands make light(er) work in seeing the Kingdom grow in the hearts, and minds of men. Find out more about how we're involved.

Opportunities to Connect